Today’s Solutions: June 13, 2024

Virginia becomes fourth state

Virginia becomes fourth state to ban cosmetic animal testing

California became the first state to ban cosmetic animal testing in 2018, followed by Nevada and Illinois in 2019. Now, Virginia will follow suit thanks to the efforts of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and other dedicated animal rights advocates. Starting on the first of January 2022, animal Read More...

The Optimist View: How consume

The Optimist View: How consumers, companies, and our furry companions scored a win

"Cruelty-free is becoming the standard. Not just in California, in general." - Katie Mukai BY LAUREN GOODMAN A couple of weeks ago, you may have seen an Optimist Daily story in your inbox about a proposed California bill that would ban the use of twelve ingredients in cosmetics. This Toxic-Free Read More...

It’s now prohibited to sell

It’s now prohibited to sell cosmetics tested on animals in California

With the turn of the decade, an old senate bill passed in 2018 will finally come into effect in California to regulate the current cosmetics market. The bill, known as the California Cruelty-free Cosmetics Act, is designed to protect the wellbeing of animals used for testing cosmetic Read More...