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The scientific power of live m

The scientific power of live music

We’re all familiar with the sense of wonder and joy we experience when we hear a song or piece of music we love, but there’s something even more magical about hearing that song performed live. Although many artists offered streamed performances online during the pandemic, these didn’t quite Read More...

Move Dance Feel empowers and c

Move Dance Feel empowers and connects women living with cancer

Confronting a terminal illness like cancer is not just physically taxing, but also an emotionally draining process for the patient and for those who care for them. Emily Jenkins seeks to reinject feelings of joy and release for people affected by cancer through Move Dance Feel, a community interest Read More...

Woman celebrating without mask.Concept of defeating illness

4 ways to boost your physical, mental, and social well-being

Recently, life has certainly been stressful, but if you’ve been feeling particularly on edge in recent days, it might just be time to make self-care a priority in your life. You shouldn’t see caring for yourself as self-indulgence. Rather, look at it as a way to preserve your strength and Read More...

The Intelligent Optimist’s S

The Intelligent Optimist’s Swing Into Spring Auction ends Tuesday

It’s easier to start swinging after a tune-up, and with that in mind, we have popular favorites from auctions past and brand new items and services to help you take care of yourself or your loved ones or contribute to charitable causes, all backed by the intention of making the world a better Read More...

They all can fly

They all can fly

South Africa's Zip Zap Circus works to end racial segregation and foster trust, dedication and teamwork. Fred De Vries| April 2008 issue A circus? Twelve-year-old Andiswa Nkebendu, raised by her mother in the notorious Khayelitsha township near Cape Town, South Africa, had never heard of such a Read More...