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Today’s Solutions: July 13, 2024

Plantlife launches No Mow May

Plantlife launches No Mow May campaign to support pollinators in the UK

Conservation charity Plantlife is urging gardeners in the UK to “do nothing for nature” this month as part of their No Mow May campaign. This campaign is designed to let wildflowers grow unrestrained in people’s yards, to provide more food for pollinators. Plantlife has even approached Read More...

5 Healthy edible flowers to ad

5 Healthy edible flowers to add to your culinary arsenal

Decorating your kitchen with springtime blooms invites vibrance and joy into your space after a long and cold winter, but flowers can play a more compelling role in the kitchen if you’re feeling experimental. Edible flowers add to the overall beauty of a dish, as well as fragrance, flavor, and Read More...

Want to help bees? Don’t mow

Want to help bees? Don’t mow over those dandelions

Spring is drawing closer, meaning it’s almost time for the great bloom of flowers. Speaking of which, there’s one flower that doesn’t get much love: the dandelion. Being such a common flower that grows on peoples' lawns, people tend to just mow over them. But according to the new president of Read More...