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Today’s Solutions: June 23, 2024
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Gene therapy gives deaf childr

Gene therapy gives deaf children hope for hearing and healing

A stunning scientific discovery is taking place in the heart of Dongguan, China, bringing new hope to deaf kids and their families. Yiyi, a six-year-old child who was born completely deaf, is at the heart of this transformative story. Yiyi's world was silent only a few months ago, and she had to Read More...

Not Impossible—A new way for

Not Impossible—A new way for deaf individuals to feel music

Over a year ago, Daniel Belquer, a musician and theater artist, was asked to join a team whose objective was to improve the live music experience for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.  Witnessing these concertgoers' inventive workarounds, such as feeling vibrations through balloons or Read More...

Person playing video game on console.

Video games are becoming more accessible for players with disabilities

According to the World Health Organization, there are over a billion humans living with a disability, around 15 percent of the global population. With such a high number of people in this group, it is encouraging to see the number of fields that are improving their services to accommodate the Read More...

Troy Kotsur poses for photo

Troy Kotsur becomes first deaf man to win an acting Oscar

Though Hollywood’s Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, are often critiqued for their lack of representation, there has been progress in the most recent edition. This past weekend, we saw a beautiful example of inclusion during the 94th Academy Awards, as Troy Kotsur became the first deaf Read More...

California School for the Deaf football team

Go Cubs: The inspiring story of California’s undefeated deaf football team

The California School for the Deaf in Riverside had never won a division championship football game in its 68-year history, but that all changed this year when the team not only won a championship game but also went 11-0 for an undefeated season. The success of the Cubs’ varsity football team Read More...

Meet the woman saving Hawaiian

Meet the woman saving Hawaiian Sign Language from extinction

Linda Yuen Lambrecht has been on a mission to save Hawaii Sign Language (HSL) and with it generations of history and heritage from extinction since 2018. Lambrecht was born in 1944 to a family of Chinese laborers in Honolulu. She was completely deaf since birth and was exposed to HSL by her two Read More...

Deaf children may receive the

Deaf children may receive the gift of sound from a brain stem implant

An FDA-approved clinical trial to give the gift of sound and speech to children who were born deaf is already yielding encouraging results. Read the story of Jiya Bavishi, a six-year-old girl who received an auditory brainstem implant. The implant is a microchip that receives sounds picked up by a Read More...

In the land of the hearing

In the land of the hearing

How the deaf have mastered the art of silent communication. Ronald Ligtenberg | July 2008 issue In The Country of The Blind, the classic book by H.G. Wells, a seeing man isn’t accepted by a society of blind people. He makes every effort to prove he can do things the others can’t, but the blind Read More...