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Got debt? Here’s a strategy for paying it off.

According to financial experts, Around 80 percent of American adults are in debt in some shape or form. Whether it’s student loans, medical bills, car payments, credit cards, or mortgages, to put it bluntly, the nation has some bills to pay. With these huge sums lingering over our heads, there's Read More...

Have expensive medical bills?

Have expensive medical bills? This company will help you lower them

The number-one trigger for personal bankruptcy in the United States is medical bills. That’s why a company by the name of Earnin wants to help people figure out how to pay for them. The company says it will negotiate medical bills with hospitals on behalf of its users, helping them to lower the Read More...

Credit shouldn't cost thi

Credit shouldn't cost this much2

Taking action against predatory credit card practices. Ami Domini | June/July 2009 issue People often say to me, "What’s next? What are you mad about?" Today, my answer is plastic cards. Credit cards and bank ATM cards were created to help people. I’m old enough to remember well pulling out my Read More...