Today’s Solutions: June 08, 2023

developing nations

Lighten up

A photograph of the world at night shows evidence of the need for better power supply in developing nations. | April 2008 issue This manipulated photograph, showing the world at night, provides ample evidence of the need for a better power supply in developing nations. Since … [Read more...] about Lighten up

No more charity please

Moniek Zegers says we shouldn't be giving more but taking less. Marco Visscher | December 2007 issue Charity is in. Bill Clinton has written a bestseller about it and rock stars are organizing concerts. But Moniek Zegers, co-founder of the recently launched Dutch Comité tegen … [Read more...] about No more charity please

Miracle in the desert

The Sekem industrial park in Egypt pioneers a sustainable future Marco Visscher | November 2004 issue This place was nothing but sand 25 years ago. Now a number of nature-friendly businesses are based here, proving that a clean environment and public health can coexist with a … [Read more...] about Miracle in the desert