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Today’s Solutions: June 23, 2024

These eco-friendly crafts use

These eco-friendly crafts use supplies right from your garden

Autumn colors and cooler weather inspire creativity in many of us. Tap into the natural resources of your own backyard this fall and put your creative juices to use with these fun, eco-friendly crafts. Pruned wood rounds and pyrography If you find yourself with larger branches after pruning trees Read More...

Pot luck: the paint recyclers

Pot luck: the paint recyclers who put leftover gallons to good use

Rare is the DIY dilettante with the foresight to know they are never going to use the rest of that paint they stashed in the shed after doing up the living room. Who hasn’t kidded themselves that they really are going to touch up all those grubby spots with the leftovers in years to Read More...