Today’s Solutions: June 12, 2024
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Black pug puppy pug dog lying on concrete floor.

Why do we find puppies so gosh dang cute?

With those big eyes and perfect little paws, dogs hold a special place in our hearts. Our strong bond with these furry creatures started around 40,000 years ago in hunter-gatherer societies. New research from Duquesne University has explored exactly how and why we’ve chosen to transform ferocious Read More...

Hungry dog fetches metal bowl to get food.

Lab-grown meat can reduce your pet's carbon pawprint

Did you know about one-fifth of global meat production is for pet food? This means that around 5% of food-based greenhouse gas emissions are due to our furry friends' appetites. In the US alone, an estimated 65 million tons of CO2-equivalent methane and nitrous oxide is due to dog and cat Read More...

Person wearing blue denim skinny jeans and a pink and black shirt with dog on a walk in an autumn forest.

Why your dog shouldn’t poop wherever it wants in nature

Interestingly, poop is a recurring theme at The Optimist Daily. From maintaining a regular bathroom schedule, aiding the search for a home for endangered owls, and fish poop feeding the world’s largest vertical farm. The latest addition to these poop-filled articles is a Belgium study Read More...

Jack russell terrier wearing a jacket in the snow

How to prep your pup for winter

You’ve probably seen dogs fashionable sporting sweaters, jackets, and booties in the wintertime, and while this may be adorable to human onlookers, how critical are these fashion choices for dogs? Today we share how to equip your dog for winter and whether you really need to invest in jackets and Read More...

Feeling lonely while social di

Feeling lonely while social distancing? Consider fostering a pet

Have you been considering getting a pet lately? Now could be the perfect time. Practicing social distancing means you have to stay home, but you don't have to do it alone. Shelters are encouraging people to foster and adopt pets while they have extra time at home. Shelters are looking for extra Read More...