Today’s Solutions: June 01, 2023

ethical consumption

Two cheers for globalism

...and then two more for localism Jay Walljasper | June 2006 issue One of the basic tenets drilled into students at U.S. journalism schools is that every story has two sides. But in college I was lucky to run into a German-émigré professor who—perhaps hearing enough about tenets … [Read more...] about Two cheers for globalism

One last thing…

"Shopping defines who you are"Marco Visscher | April 2006 issue You mean by buying a certain brand we’re buying a certain identity?Colin Campbell: “No. I think the link between shopping and identity is much more interesting. Increasingly, people see their identities as closely … [Read more...] about One last thing…

Brothers in arms

How the Amalean family made MAS Holdings Sri Lanka's biggest garment manufacturer - and one of the industry's best corporate citizens. Janet Paskin | March 2008 issue The plant was hot. Crowded. Poorly lit. Under the three previous owners, more than 400 garment workers, mostly … [Read more...] about Brothers in arms

Global growth, global trash

How the West got rich from broken headphones.Jonathan Rowe | March 2004 issue Nanay and Tatay are my wife’s parents. One evening, on a visit with them a few months ago, Tatay and I went out to the bamboo shed beside the house to start the generator, the only source of electricity … [Read more...] about Global growth, global trash