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Today’s Solutions: June 23, 2024

This company turns discarded b

This company turns discarded balloons into ethical vegan sneakers

The fashion industry is known to have wasteful and environmentally unfriendly practices, but new start-ups who enter the fashion world, as well as many established brands, are aiming to make up for the environmental missteps of the past by embracing ethics and sustainability through innovative Read More...

Six eco-trends reshaping the f

Six eco-trends reshaping the fashion industry

Major brands and young, globally minded designers alike are asking the question: How do you come up with a garment that is sustainable, that can stand on its own and not rob from the future? Here are six trends that eco-designers are currently following. Carmel Wroth | June/July 2009 Read More...

Eco fashion resources

Eco fashion resources

Ode Editors | June/July 2009 issue Magazines and blogs Eco Fashion World A web magazine and comprehensive guide to eco fashion, edited by fashion researcher Kim Poldner Style Will Save Us London-based digital style magazine covering all things "super stylish and ethical" In the Loop Green fashion Read More...