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Farmers' food market stall with variety of organic vegetable. Vendor serving and chating with customers.

Here’s how to dive into your local food scene

We all know that we should be eating local, yet it often falls to the bottom of the list—especially when we’re busy and on a budget. There’s more than meets the eye, though, with local food. It’s more nutrient-dense and tastes better, not to mention you’ll be supporting your local farmers Read More...

Happy pigs on pig farm in a muddy yard with a fence.

Scientists can now decode pigs' emotions

We can clearly see animals' emotions through their behavior, whether that’s dogs filling up with glee when we grab their leash or elephants mourning a loss in their herd, there is clearly some feeling going on here. While communication between animals and humans remains at a divide, we do Read More...

German farm demonstrates dual

German farm demonstrates dual benefits of agrivoltaic systems

Agrivoltaic systems make for the perfect symbiotic relationships on farms. They combine solar panels and farming to provide localized renewable energy while helping shade crops to reduce water usage. The plants also work to cool the solar panels for increased productivity. At one farm in Germany, Read More...

How farms can benefit from the

How farms can benefit from the presence of solar panels

After observing solar farms for the past couple of decades, researchers have found that solar farms have an incredible ability to alter the microclimate under them. In fact, scientists in Oregon found that 90 percent more biomass flourished in areas partly or fully covered by solar panels. This was Read More...

Tasting is believing

Tasting is believing

Esoteric practises, like burying manure inside cows’ horns, has put many people off biodynamic agriculture. Now the sensational flavour—and ­ecological benefits—of biodynamic produce is winning them over. Jay Walljasper | May 2008 issue I know a thing or two about farms. My uncles raised Read More...