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Today’s Solutions: July 19, 2024

scientist sequencing human genome with depictions of Dan

For the first time ever, scientists sequence entire human genome

Sequencing the entirety of the human genome is an enormous undertaking that would drastically improve our understanding of ourselves, especially regarding disease and evolution. More than two decades ago, the Human Genome Project began to unravel the mysteries of the human genome, publishing its Read More...

Newly-discovered mechanism can

Newly-discovered mechanism can help boost immune system to fight cancer

New medical research has discovered that inhibiting a certain mechanism in our organism can enable the immune system to fight cancer cells in a better and more efficient way. The study has focused on a mechanism that routinely serves the cell by marking human virus-like genes in order to avoid Read More...

Cancer-fighting compound in fi

Cancer-fighting compound in figs and celery targets aggressive breast tumors

It is rare for a natural molecule to garner the attention of medical researchers for two completely different cancer-fighting properties, but the compound psoralen has done just that. Found in figs, celery and other fruits and vegetables, psoralen is already used to treat lymphoma—as well as skin Read More...