Today’s Solutions: May 28, 2024

Raw beef filet mignon arranged neatly on a wooden cutting board next to red peppers and salt

The best steak now has a tasty plant-based alternative

In recent years, an increasing number of startups have started working on accelerating the evolution of plant-based meat alternatives into something that consumers wouldn’t be able to tell apart from the real thing. Few, however, have ventured to find a substitute for more high-profile meat cuts Read More...

Egg whites whipped into foam with stiff peaks

Scientists use fungus to develop a sustainable alternative to egg whites

Because it contains a lot of protein, egg white powder is among the most common ingredients used in the food industry. Rearing the chickens necessary for sourcing those egg whites, however, has a significant environmental footprint. As demand for egg white powder is only expected to grow in the Read More...

Fancy butter

Fancy butter

Rediscover our old spreadable friend. Elbrich Fennema | September 2008 issue Photo: Pieter De Swart Fat was once considered evil. Then we learned there were good fats and bad fats. Shortly thereafter, we heard the news that cholesterol was a menace. Now we know there’s good and bad Read More...