Today’s Solutions: June 16, 2024

close up of woman holding burrito or wrap

Engineering students create Tastee Tape—edible tape to keep burritos secure

Do you love burritos but don’t have the restaurant-grade wrapping skills to, you know, keep it together? A group of Maryland college students has come up with a deliciously ingenious solution: edible burrito tape. Student Erin Walsh, a member of the all-woman team of Johns Hopkins University Read More...

Feeding the future: Are insect

Feeding the future: Are insects the world’s next great protein source?

Would you consider eating some crickets today as your afternoon snack? How about a handful of honey ants or a skewer of grubs? If not, you may want to consider expanding your palate because a study in England has found that 37% of people think we will be eating more insects within the next Read More...