Would you consider eating some crickets today as your afternoon snack? How about a handful of honey ants or a skewer of grubs? If not, you may want to consider expanding your palate because a study in England has found that 37% of people think we will be eating more insects within the next decade.  

Although unusual for Western cultures, insects are actually a nutritious and environmentally friendly food option for feeding a growing global population. In many places around the world, they have long been a staple in the diet, helping to round out a mostly vegetarian plate or supplement proteins and fats when times are lean.  But more and more, adventurous eaters and food entrepreneurs are experimenting with insects as a food source.  They take minimal space and energy to produce and contain essential proteins, minerals, fats, and amino acids. Here at the Optimist Daily, we have been writing about food innovations for the 21st century, such as soil health and plant-based meat alternatives. Finding sustainable protein sources, such as insects, is another important aspect of feeding the future.