Today’s Solutions: June 21, 2024

Public transportation is now f

Public transportation is now free for Parisians under 18

There are two keys to making public transportation more widely used: make it cheaper and make it more accessible. The city of Paris hopes to do both of these things by making public transportation free for those under 18.  The free public transportation for those who live within the city comes Read More...

Luxembourg introduces free pub

Luxembourg introduces free public transportation nation-wide

Luxembourg achieved a major global milestone this week as it became the first country on Earth to make public transportation free nation-wide. The initiative is an effort to encourage citizens, and the country’s 214,000 daily foreign commuters, to use more environmentally friendly methods of Read More...

Kansas City becomes first majo

Kansas City becomes first major American city to offer free public transport

For the first time ever, a major American city is offering universal fare-free public transit. That city is Kansas City, and it hopes to boost ridership and improve access for all citizens with the new initiative. The city’s popular streetcar is already free, but the city council and Mayor Read More...