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Today’s Solutions: June 22, 2024
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View of the moon with Earth rising on the horizon surrounded by the darkness of spcace.

The moon could fuel the future of space exploration

Each evening, we are used to seeing our transient moon positioned high in the sky. Humans have been fascinated by the familiar celestial body since the dawn of time, creating gods and useful calendars around its positioning. Since then, scientists have utilized the moon to help uncover secrets of Read More...

Toilet with flowers in it

Upcycling your "business," 5 uses of human waste

At The Optimist Daily, we keep our ears keened for news about upcycling. It’s an impressive hack, making productive use of discarded materials and waste, turning what was trash into something new. It’s a great solution toward making sustainable products, and we’re always looking for creative Read More...

New molecule can harness over

New molecule can harness over 50% more solar energy than current solar cells

For the first time ever, scientists have managed to develop a single molecule that can absorb energy from the entire visible spectrum of light, meaning it can harness over 50 percent more solar energy than conventional solar cells. That also means it can catalyze that energy into hydrogen. Read More...

Startup company unveils a new

Startup company unveils a new recyclable fuel based on water

An Australian-Israeli electric vehicle startup has introduced a new type of recyclable fuel based on water. The fuel produces hydrogen on demand that is then converted into electricity. According to the company, the new fuel is more efficient, safer, and cleaner than other technologies such as Read More...

Counting carbon: How accurate

Counting carbon: How accurate emissions reporting can help businesses help the planet

Amy Domini | Sept/Oct 2009 issue The planet is in trouble. Whether you call the problem global warming or climate change, we're facing an environmental crisis that's already reshaping life on Earth. Everything from polar bears to insurance companies will be affected. Smart investors—whether they Read More...

Passive House: Super energy ef

Passive House: Super energy efficient housing

How a new kind of home which produces more energy than it consumes, can drastically reduce fuel bills and CO2 emissions. Ursula Sautter | June/July 2009 issue Governments around the world are scrambling to address the twin crises of our times—the recession and climate change—by investing in Read More...

Passive House Resources

Passive House Resources

Passive houses are leading the way toward a carbon-neutral future by producing more energy than they use and drastically reducing fuel bills and C02 emmissions. To find out more about passive houses, architect Rolf Disch and how to make your house a passive house take a look at our passive house Read More...