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5 Research-backed reasons why

5 Research-backed reasons why it’s important to have fun

Everyone has a slightly different definition for fun, but whether you love hitting the town with friends or going for a long hike, research shows that having fun is good for your health, both mental and physical. Below, you can find five science-based reasons why you should have more fun in your Read More...

LEGO launches Botanical Collec

LEGO launches Botanical Collection complete with plant-based building blocks

Many people have fond memories of playing with building blocks as children, but now that most people are confined to their houses, games, and toys like LEGO and coloring books are making a comeback. LEGO presents kids and adults alike with an opportunity to turn to their imagination and creative Read More...

How to make fun a real part of

How to make fun a real part of your company culture

Besides making working lives more enjoyable, there is strong evidence that fun in the workplace packs a powerful punch in terms of organizational benefits. For instance, one study in the restaurant industry found employee turnover was reduced when employees perceived their work environment as being Read More...

A funny thing happened on the

A funny thing happened on the way to the office

Nancy Mann Jackson | August 2009 issue   John Morreall, professor of religious studies at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, tells the story of a police officer who responded to a domestic violence call after having completed a course of humor training. As the officer Read More...

Migrate toward the merriment

Migrate toward the merriment

David Servan-Schreiber | August 2009 issue   Jerry Seinfeld‘s father sold neon signs and often took his son from one local store to the next. His father loved funny stories, and he never failed to tell one to a potential client. Often as they got back into the truck, Seinfeld’s father Read More...

Try a little bubbly

Try a little bubbly

Elbrich Fennema | August 2009 issue Photograph: Pieter de Swart "Laughter kills fear," writes Umberto Eco in his novel The Name of the Rose, which probably explains why laughing is considered healthy. When fear arises in the kitchen, it tends to be about the fear of failure. A simple Read More...