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Today’s Solutions: July 13, 2024

giant sequoia forest

This NGO clones our greatest allies in the fight against climate change

David Milarch set up an NGO in 1994 called the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, which works hard to preserve and clone the world’s most ancient and resilient trees. Trees play an incredibly important role in the planet’s ecosystem and are one of our greatest allies in the fight against Read More...

Meet the majestic “General S

Meet the majestic “General Sherman,” resident of Sequoia National Park

General Sherman, a 2000-year-old giant sequoia, is not the largest tree in terms of height, but it does take the cake in total wood volume at an astonishing 52,500 cubic feet. The tree resides within the boundaries of Sequoia National Park and is a popular tourist destination for those who wish to Read More...