Today’s Solutions: March 29, 2023


The flip side of getting

Giving is what you do when you realize just how much you’re taking. Rabbi Rami | December 2011 Issue One way to understand the nature of giving is to talk with those whose lives are devoted to asking. Panhandlers and charity fundraisers will tell you it’s all about guilt. … [Read more...] about The flip side of getting

The helper’s high

Why it feels so good to give. Sander van der Linden | December 2011 Issue For a significant part of human history, giving to those less fortunate has been regarded as a desirable behavior. One obvious reason, of course, is that even a small sacrifice may make a world of … [Read more...] about The helper’s high

Beyond novels and neckties

It takes self-awareness and creativity to give presents people truly want. Why not try an intangible gift instead? Hanny Roskamp | December 2011 Issue There’s a giant vase in my living room. It is made out of magazines that are rolled up together like bamboo stalks. This is a … [Read more...] about Beyond novels and neckties