Today’s Solutions: June 13, 2024

Drop dripping out of water tap outside

New desalination system uses Teflon-like membrane to make seawater potable

Clean drinking water is already in short supply in many places around the world, but the situation is only expected to get worse with climate change. Figuring out ways to desalinate brackish water or seawater in an efficient and scalable way is key to mitigating the global water crisis. A Read More...

Solar domes could help provide

Solar domes could help provide a solution to the global water crisis

We have previously written about the problem of water scarcity and some of the emerging solutions aimed at solving it. Today, we’d like to share with you yet another innovative technology that works to solve the global water crisis. The novel technology, developed by London-based Solar Water Read More...

New device aims to bring potab

New device aims to bring potable water to millions of people worldwide

While substantial progress has been made in increasing access to clean drinking water, billions of people worldwide still lack this basic need. Seeking to alleviate the problem, a startup has embarked on a mission to supply millions of people globally with clean drinking water, with the help of an Read More...