Today’s Solutions: December 04, 2021

While substantial progress has been made in increasing access to clean drinking water, billions of people worldwide still lack this basic need. Seeking to alleviate the problem, a startup has embarked on a mission to supply millions of people globally with clean drinking water, with the help of an innovative device.

Called QuenchSea, the device is a handheld machine with the potential to become a complete life-saver for water-related emergency situations and humanitarian crises. Its technology has the capacity to turn about one liter of seawater – and up to three liters in ideal conditions – into drinkable fresh water every hour using a manual system.

The desalination device comes from London-based startup Hydro Wind Energy, and the company aims to donate 100 million units for humanitarian efforts by 2027. The innovative idea is part of an ambitious vision to help solve the world’s freshwater crisis.

QuenchSea’s technology works by combining a hydraulic system, triple-filtration, and reverse osmosis, which together is able to filter out contaminants from seawater and make it completely safe to drink.

While affordable by itself, each QuenchSea purchase includes the donation of an extra device for humanitarian use by one of the company’s clean water partners. Even if you don’t need a device for yourself, the website offers opportunities to donate funds towards the purchase of one for a nonprofit organization.

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