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Green ripening soybean field, agricultural landscape

Scientists improve crops without genetic modification

The verdict on genetically modified crops is still not settled globally, with some countries allowing their use and some wary of their potential environmental impact. A new process might make the promise of scientific advancement in food production more digestible. Scientists from the RIKEN Read More...

This startup is empowering far

This startup is empowering farmers with cheaper seeds and transparency

Farmers don’t have it easy. Despite doing all the work on the ground and taking the biggest risks in terms of crop selection, it’s the farmers who have the lowest incomes in the entire agriculture industry. One of the main expenditures that farmers have is seeds: when it comes to seeds, it’s Read More...

Federal judge upholds GMO ban

Federal judge upholds GMO ban in Oregon to protect organic farms

A legal decision which goes against the powerful agribusiness lobby is enough of a rare occurrence to be worth mentioning—celebrating even. The Monsanto-backed plaintiffs were non-organic farms who sought to overturn a 2014 ordinance passed by Jackson County voters, banning the use of genetically Read More...

Long march across Germany

Long march across Germany

An organic food pioneer company rallies opposition to genetic engineering. Ursula Sautter | November 2007 issue Milling around a ramshackle VW bus painted in rainbow colours that sports the slogan “Biomobil,” a steadily growing crowd is forming at the onion-spire-topped St. Martinus church of Read More...