Today’s Solutions: June 13, 2024

man looks up at city skyscrapers

3 speedy and surprising solutions to lower your anxiety

Sometimes, anxiety creeps up on us and we can’t pinpoint the reasons behind it. Feelings of anxiety can be evoked by our nervous system picking up on various signals that we’re exposed to throughout the day, that we aren’t aware of until the build-up becomes too much.  Here are three Read More...

woman working from home stretches arms and looks out window

How to correct your achy breaky WFH posture

Last week we published an article sharing a massage therapist’s advice on how to work from home without hurting your back—but let’s be frank. We’re already two years into the pandemic. We’ve probably already spent our fair share of time hunched over laptops while sitting Read More...

Sitting posture is key for goo

Sitting posture is key for good health. Here’s how to improve yours

Whether you have a good office chair or not, if you sit on it for too long you are bound to end up getting aches and pains in your back. One way you can prevent such health risks of sedentary work is to maintain a good posture, which can not only do wonders for your back muscles but also your Read More...