Today’s Solutions: May 25, 2024

Street artist painting with a color spray can a graffiti on a wall outdoor - Urban man performing with murals

European cities get funding to transform streets with art

A number of European communities will soon have the opportunity to give their roads a little creative flair. The Asphalt Art Initiative Nineteen European cities will each get a grant of $25,000 from the Asphalt Art Initiative, a project that aims to increase pedestrian safety by painting Read More...

Goodbye graffiti! New hydrogel

Goodbye graffiti! New hydrogel removes unwanted paint in minutes

Graffiti can be a beautiful form of artistic expression, and some street artists have had a lot of success with what many would consider vandalism. However, graffiti can be especially unwanted when it defaces a mural, other works of art, or contains harmful and offensive messages. Now, Read More...

From vandalism to art

From vandalism to art

Baltimore, MD Backed by the City of Baltimore, street arts project Open Walls Baltimore is unparalleled in terms of size and magnitude. Located in Baltimore’s arts district and curated by Gaia, one of the hottest street artists around, Open Walls Baltimore is comprised of 23 murals created by Read More...