Today’s Solutions: May 22, 2024

Paving the path towards a glob

Paving the path towards a global plastics treaty

Nation-state delegates took a historic step toward a new global plastics pact in an inspirational display of determination. This undertaking, described as the most significant green deal since the 2015 worldwide climate agreement, signals a turning point in our joint efforts to address the critical Read More...

EU flags in front of European Commission in Brussels

The EU commits to its own “green deal”

The European Union will invest more than $270 billion in its own "green deal" in order to keep up with the United States and China. The growing green economy Many observers interpreted the move as a direct response to the Biden administration's hefty round of green subsidies, which were included Read More...

Renewables could usher in a gr

Renewables could usher in a green economic recovery for Europe

As Europe aims to be climate neutral by 2050, countries like Sweden and Belgium are making real progress towards that goal by shutting down coal plants and investing in renewable energy sources. Eastern Europe, however, has been considerably slower – in part because the switch to renewables has Read More...