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Today’s Solutions: July 12, 2024

Extending conservation across

Extending conservation across 1% of the planet: A crucial strategy for biodiversity preservation

In an important breakthrough, a recent study conducted by esteemed scientists from the National University of Singapore (NUS), Durham University, and Princeton University reveals a powerful solution to preserve Earth's biodiversity. According to a press release from Durham University, the study Read More...

Scientists rediscover “comic

Scientists rediscover “comical” bat species feared extinct for 40 years

Scientists have sighted a critically endangered bat species in Rwanda that was feared extinct for more than 40 years since it was last seen. While they called it a delightful discovery. The researchers who found the Hill’s horseshoe bat in Rwanda’s Nyungwe forest said the bat remains highly Read More...

Burrowing owl next to its burrow looking into the camera lens

Fake poop helps tiny endangered owls find new homes

Following decades of human encroachment into California’s grasslands, the once common Western Burrowing Owl is now considered endangered. In an effort to protect the tiny birds from new building developments in US regions like Silicon Valley, local conservationists have been trying for years to Read More...

To stop biodiversity loss, we

To stop biodiversity loss, we must return half of the planet to nature

This will be a hard pill for nature lovers to swallow, but a recent report from the United Nations revealed that the Earth has lost 68 percent of species since 1970. This a huge problem for both wildlife and humans. Without a diverse range of animals and the lands they inhabit, humanity is poised Read More...