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How to treat and prevent ingro

How to treat and prevent ingrown hairs at home

Almost everyone has been plagued by at least one ingrown hair in their lifetime. Ingrown hairs are red bumps that appear on the surface of your skin, most often after engaging in some sort of hair removal. Unfortunately, pesky ingrown hairs are a common ailment, but luckily, they’re quite Read More...

Scientists use human hair from

Scientists use human hair from barbershop to improve solar cell efficiency

In recent years, perovskite solar cells have emerged as a promising technology in the field of renewable energy, showing potential to outperform the monocrystalline silicon solar cells widely used today. One of the main challenges that have so far restricted them from large-scale adoption is that Read More...

It turns out all that shed dog

It turns out all that shed dog fur is great for cleaning up oil spills

If you have a dog or cat, all that fur you’re constantly sweeping up around the house could be more useful than you thought! Researchers at the University of Technology Sydney have found that fur and hair products are more effective than synthetics at cleaning up oil spills on land.  The Read More...