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Today’s Solutions: July 19, 2024

Grassroots group provides bart

Grassroots group provides bartenders with drug-related harm reduction training

Overdose deaths in Texas rose by 35 percent in the first eight months of the pandemic, and as the state reopens, a group of citizen volunteers is working to implement harm reduction training in common drug use sites: bars. Called Harm Redux HTX, the collection of activists is an informal Read More...

Houston commits to 100% renewa

Houston commits to 100% renewable energy as part of its climate efforts

Back in 2017, Hurricane Harvey acted as a harbinger for what the city of Houston, and many others, can expect in the future if climate change remains unabated. Now, in an effort to contribute to mitigating this urgent global challenge, Houston has committed to 100 percent renewable energy. Mayor Read More...

People are finally starting to

People are finally starting to oppose freeway expansion projects

Adding lanes for “traffic relief” remains politically popular, even though we see time and time again that it doesn’t work. In Texas, they’re making “road improvements” by adding lanes and widening highways. And, like so many gigantic urban highway projects of the past, I-45’s Read More...

Chick-fil-A workers deliver hu

Chick-fil-A workers deliver hundreds of sandwiches to drivers stranded on highway

Chick-fil-A is well known for its beloved chicken sandwiches. But now employees at a restaurant in Houston are getting attention for something way more important: helping out people in their community. As Tropical Depression Imelda wreaked havoc in parts of Texas last Thursday, many drivers Read More...