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Today’s Solutions: July 15, 2024

London WWII bomb shelter finds

London WWII bomb shelter finds new purpose as an indoor vertical farm

Far below the streets of central London lies a former World War Two bomb shelter that has been repurposed into a hi-tech underground vertical farm. It supplies grocery stores, restaurants, and farmer’s markets in the capital with fresh, pesticide-free microgreens. Called Growing Underground, the Read More...

This tech makes sunlight more

This tech makes sunlight more potent so normal greenhouses can grow more

Indoor farming startups are known to grow crops using efficient LED light bulbs with custom “light recipes” that adjust the color of the LEDs to help plants grow faster. With that said, all these lighting systems using LED bulbs still use a huge amount of energy, which is why scientists have Read More...

The UAE is going all in on ind

The UAE is going all in on indoor farming

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is situated in the scorching Arabian desert, which makes growing food outdoors a nightmare. The UAE currently imports 80 percent of its food because of this, but the government is pushing hard to localize food through the power of indoor farming. In an industrial Read More...