Today’s Solutions: May 30, 2024

Young woman sitting with her hands one her knees on a window sill looking outside

How to boost your confidence as an introvert

Being introverted doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a shy person. Rather, it means you feel energized and recharged when you spend time alone. And while not every introvert struggles with confidence issues, many do, which can hold them back from various opportunities. If you’re an introvert who Read More...

Person working happily, with colleagues talking in the background.

3 Ways to speak up at work when you’re naturally introverted

We recently provided our Optimist Daily readers with a guide on 'How to boost your confidence as an introvert' that was a big hit. So, here's another article for all you introverts out there focussing on work-life. There are distinct benefits to being both an extrovert and an introvert. But Read More...

Making friends can be tricky.

Making friends can be tricky. This step-by-step guide will help you

Humans are naturally social-beings. We instinctively crave meaningful relationships and thrive off the ones we have. For some people, it seems making friends is as easy as plucking apples off a low-hanging tree: it’s effortless. But for the more introverted souls, trying to make new friends can Read More...