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Today’s Solutions: July 12, 2024
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LEGO has designed braille bric

LEGO has designed braille bricks for blind students

In April of 2019, we shared a story about LEGO and its plans to launch a line of their famous bricks to introduce blind people to the braille alphabet. Now we’re happy to share those bricks are ready to be distributed. The LEGO Foundation molded the bricks with studs that correspond to numbers Read More...

IKEA and LEGO team up to save

IKEA and LEGO team up to save playtime and your living room floor

Parenting always comes with unique challenges, but one experience that is well-known to all parents of LEGO-loving children is the pain of stepping on one of those surprisingly sharp colorful blocks. Fortunately, treacherous LEGOs, and scattered playroom mess in general, could soon be a thing of Read More...

Letters from kids inspires LEG

Letters from kids inspires LEGO to phase out plastic packaging

Back in August, we wrote about LEGO’s groundbreaking braille bricks, which were designed to help people who are blind or visually impaired become familiar with the braille alphabet. Today, we have more good news from LEGO. The Danish toymaker announced plans to ditch plastic packaging for its Read More...

Bee house made from LEGO bricks.

Irish beekeeper constructs colorful LEGO hive in his backyard

From cleaning out the basement to taking up bread making, people around the world have taken up new hobbies to fill their quarantined time. One creative bee-lover in Ireland decided to use the time to create an elaborate home for bees out of LEGO blocks. Ruari O Leocháin, a school teacher and Read More...

Toymaker Lego is making face v

Toymaker Lego is making face visors for frontline medical workers

Following in the steps of other major manufacturers from different industries, toymaker Lego, famous for its multi-colored plastic building bricks, is using its resources to build protective gear for healthcare workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic. The Denmark-based toy company Read More...

LEGO now runs only on renewabl

LEGO now runs only on renewables thanks to wind turbine built with LEGO pieces

Everyone knows that LEGO is all about building things, but it turns out their magic also extends brick by brick to positive systemic change. Recently, the 86 year-old multinational company met its goals of having all its production facilities powered entirely by renewable energy, three years ahead Read More...

This new Lego set is designed

This new Lego set is designed to trigger the creativity of adults

Lego has developed a new brick building set that is primarily directed at adult customers to help stimulate their creativity and help them relax. The new set uses pieces that are a bit more complex than the traditional ones, and paper skins that can be colored in whatever way the builder wants. Read More...

Sustainability toy: Lego is re

Sustainability toy: Lego is re-releasing one of its most rare and beloved designs

Lego created this toy windmill for fellow Danish corporation, Vestas, in a limited edition. It became very popular and people now pay unto $1,000 for the windmill in online auctions. The popularity of the sustainability toy has made Lego decide to relaunch the windmill. From Black Friday onwards it Read More...