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Today’s Solutions: June 24, 2024
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These portable speakers are po

These portable speakers are powered by old e-bike batteries

Gomi is a sustainable UK-based design studio that makes chargers and other devices out of the waste that would otherwise be thrown into landfills. Its newest project is a line of portable Bluetooth speakers. The speakers are constructed out of 100 percent recycled plastic waste and are powered Read More...

These micromobility vehicles a

These micromobility vehicles are accessible to people with disabilities

The rapid expansion of micromobility services in recent years has provided residents of many urban areas with a convenient means to get around. The problem, however, is that the vast majority of these micromobility service providers have so far failed to cater to people with disabilities. Now that Read More...

Lime is incentivizing its cont

Lime is incentivizing its contracted employees to scoot into renewables

If you live in an urban area or college town, you’ve likely seen fleets of electric scooters popping up on your sidewalks. These fun and convenient scooters have a carbon footprint of less than half the size of cars, but one company is working to make this footprint into a toeprint. The most Read More...

Electric bike-sharing company

Electric bike-sharing company Lime launches in UK

The Uber-backed electric scooter and bike-sharing company Lime has launched its first UK operation with dockless e-bikes in Milton Keynes. The Californian transportation company, which launched in early 2017 but is already valued at Read More...

Lime launches its first car-sh

Lime launches its first car-sharing service in Seattle

It's true: after a long time focusing on scooters, Lime is ready to delve into four-wheeled transportation. The startup is launching a car-sharing service, LimePod, that will be available in Seattle as of this Read More...

Lime offers free bike and scoo

Lime offers free bike and scooter rentals on Election Day

If you're looking for a way to the polls this Election Day, you can snag a free ride via bike or scooter from Lime. The company is offering free trips on its fleet of shared bicycles, e-bikes, and occasionally abused electric scooters on Tuesday, November Read More...