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Today’s Solutions: June 25, 2024

Phytomining is the sustainable

Phytomining is the sustainable makeover the mining industry needs

Mining is one of the most heavily polluting industries, especially when it comes to water contamination, but Malaysia’s Kinabalu Park is home to a mine that looks a little different. In this mine, nickel is extracted from leafy green plants with a fraction of the environmental Read More...

These lightweight drones are m

These lightweight drones are made from old pineapple leaves

Farmers in Malaysia often burn or throw away pineapple leaves after the fruit has been harvested for the season. Researchers from Putra University have found an ingenious new use for these leaves by repurposing them into a lightweight, sustainable drone.  Led by Professor Mohamed Thariq Hameed Read More...

Scientists are turning to stem

Scientists are turning to stem cells to revive Malaysia’s extinct rhinos

Last year marked a tragedy for the world’s rhino populations as Malaysia’s last Sumatran rhino Iman died after years of failed breeding attempts, bringing the endangered species one step closer to extinction. But not all hope is lost as scientists are now trying to use tissues and cells from Read More...

Malaysia one year away from be

Malaysia one year away from being declared malaria-free

COVID-19 is dominating health news around the world, but there is some good news for another global health crisis. Malaysia is celebrating two consecutive years with zero indigenous malaria cases. If the country continues for another year, they will officially be a malaria-free nation.  The Read More...

Scientists have discovered (an

Scientists have discovered (and climbed) the world’s tallest tropical tree

Here’s another reminder of why nature is so amazing. In the midst of the Borneo rainforest in Malaysia, scientists have discovered a behemoth of a tree, measuring more than 100 meters (328ft) tall. The lofty yellow meranti, as it’s known, is so long that if it were laid along the ground, it Read More...

The elder statesman of the pla

The elder statesman of the planet: Malaysia’s prime minister at 93

He was prime minister of Malaysia for 22 years—from 1981 to 2003—and then he came back a few months ago at age 93: Mahathir Mohamad. His speech to the General Assembly of the United Nations as the world’s oldest leader inspired politicians around the Read More...