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Today’s Solutions: July 14, 2024


Florida volunteers feed manatees with lettuce

In Florida’s Indian River Lagoon, a bold initiative began where volunteers gather to pour pallets of leafy greens into the water to feed the manatees gathered there. Initially, after some hesitation, a bold and curious pair of cows approached and started eating lettuce.  More would soon join, Read More...

Close up manatee portrait underwater

US Fish & Wildlife Service approves unprecedented move to save manatees

In Florida, near Cape Canaveral, wildlife conservationists are getting desperate to save the wild manatee population, which has been dying at alarming rates. More than 1,000 manatees have perished in 2021. The primary cause of death is pollution, which has brought the seagrasses in the Indian River Read More...

Manatees are struggling this y

Manatees are struggling this year! Here's how we can help.

The life of a manatee is not an easy one, especially over the past couple of years. Luckily, you can help ensure that these aquatic creatures get more protection, but first, we should discuss their plight. During the first half of this year up until early July, at least 841 West Indian manatees Read More...

After years of rehabilitation,

After years of rehabilitation, these manatees are returning to the ocean

Three manatees at the Dominican Republic’s National Aquarium are set to return to the ocean after an extensive rehabilitation process that has lasted years. According to Spanish news agency EFE, two of the manatees— Juana and Pepe —are eight years old and only lived in the ocean for a few Read More...