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Today’s Solutions: June 22, 2024

Martin Vosseler: Curing the en

Martin Vosseler: Curing the environment with solar energy

Nobel Peace Prize winner Bernard Lown calls Martin Vosseler a true maverick in the field of solar energy advocacy. Bernard Lown | Jan/Feb 2009 issue According to the Jewish tradition, 36 righteous people, unbeknownst to themselves and to others, sustain the universe. In their absence, everything Read More...

Profile of Martin Vosseler

Profile of Martin Vosseler

Editors | Jan/Feb 2009 issue   The physiologically-designed, Birkenstockish rubber sandals and home-knit-looking socks on Martin Vosseler's feet have obviously seen a fair amount of travel. As has the red out-door jacket and the bulging backpack slung over his shoulder when meet up at Read More...