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Two N95 masks lying on a wooden table

Study: Dry heat can be used to disinfect N95 masks

Since the onset of the pandemic, many hospitals have faced a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as N95 masks. As a result, researchers have started evaluating the impact of various methods of decontamination on how well masks filter out viral particles — all in a bid to allow Read More...

Strategies to prevent the spre

Strategies to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in classrooms this fall

The continued spread of the Delta variant is a big concern for parents sending their children back to school, especially parents of those too young to be vaccinated. The highly contagious nature of Delta makes classroom infection prevention precautions even more important. Here are some critical Read More...

This man makes bricks out of c

This man makes bricks out of chewed-up gum and discarded masks

Have you ever reached in your pocket to find you had forgotten a rock-hard piece of chewed-up gum wrapped in a scrap of paper? This happened to Binish Desai when he was a boy, and that mundane event inspired his childhood dream to build the world’s least expensive houses for the people he saw Read More...

Dutch designer creates masks t

Dutch designer creates masks that are meant to be littered

As masks have become a staple of our day-to-day look due to the pandemic, people have been getting creative with their designs. Unwilling to compromise on style, people are wearing glitter-glam masks, boldly colored masks, printed masks, and more. However, the surplus of "mask-cessories," as Read More...

The shame-free guide to encour

The shame-free guide to encouraging mask wearing

As we shared in an article recently, if just 50 percent of people engaged in handwashing, social distancing, and mask wearing, we would stop the spread of the pandemic. But how do we effectively convince people to do so? Hint: shaming is not the answer.  Although it can be tempting to call Read More...

Biologist belts out a ‘Hamil

Biologist belts out a ‘Hamilton’ tune to show effectiveness of masks

More and more research continues to show that the best way to stop the new coronavirus from spreading is by wearing a mask. Despite this, the mask remains a controversial symbol that many Americans are refusing to wear. If you need to convince anyone just how vital the mask is, consider showing Read More...