Today’s Solutions: June 01, 2023

meaningfull work

Crisis? What crisis?

The recession is causing tension in the job market and uncertainty in many families. But according to Jurriaan Kamp there is a deeper crisis lurking behind the current malaise: the modern economic system is creating fewer and fewer jobs that people find gratifying.Jurriaan Kamp | … [Read more...] about Crisis? What crisis?

Good work

Fine, so you no longer want to sit in an office from nine to five, watching the clock and wondering why time passes so slowly. You want to be free from the stress and chaos of your present job, and wouldn't mind a weekend off now and again. You want to lose the feeling that … [Read more...] about Good work

In search of your calling

If you're not sure what kind of work you are looking for, it may be useful to ask yourself some questions.Tijn Touber | October 2003 issue 1. What (or who) makes me jealous? Although jealousy may not be the best of qualities, it tells you something about yourself. You might envy … [Read more...] about In search of your calling

Senseless yet meaningful

You don't have to wait to be told or paid to do something meaningful.Tijn Touber | October 2003 issue It all began in 1982 when Anne Herbert wrote the words ‘practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty’ on a placemat in a local Sausolito (California, United … [Read more...] about Senseless yet meaningful