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Today’s Solutions: June 22, 2024

Black German Shepard in training.

New study finds dogs can understand 89 unique words and phrases

A number of animals that have no ability to speak the English language still have the incredible insight to actually understand what we are saying. This includes our beloved household friend, the dog. We’ve all witnessed the furry animals react and respond with overwhelming excitement when we Read More...

Military leaders from around t

Military leaders from around the world are uniting to fight climate change

In 2016, the highest ranking military official in the Dutch armed forces, Tom Middendorp, was laughed at when he declared climate change a threat to the world’s security. Now less than three years later, military leaders from all around the world are following in his footsteps. In fact, support Read More...

Jim Channon: Mobilizing the mi

Jim Channon: Mobilizing the military to clean up the earth

Actor Jeff Bridges nominates Jim Channon, who wants to mobilize the military to plant trees, clean up freshwater reserves and restore reefs. Susanne Sims | Jan/Feb 2010 issue It’s a cold winter day in Kansas, with the windchill driving temperatures well below zero. Why would anyone leave a Read More...

Doctatorship: Military thinkin

Doctatorship: Military thinking in medicine

Military thinking has invaded medical thinking. It’s time to replace shock and awe with health and peace. Dana Ullman | May 2009 issue Our military thinking and our medical thinking have a surprising amount in common. It isn’t just happenstance that doctors proudly assert that they seek to Read More...