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Today’s Solutions: July 18, 2024
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Doctor checking disabled person pateint leg at hospital who has muscle weakness such as musculr dystrophy.

mRNA therapy shows promise treating muscular diseases

Vaccination breakthroughs in the past few years have shown the potential in messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA). This tiny molecule naturally resides in every one of our cells and has the important job as the middleman between our DNA and proteins, relaying information from one to the Read More...

close up of doctor administering vaccine into someone's arm

Phase 1 clinical trials for mRNA HIV vaccine have officially started

Just over a year ago, we shared an article about how Moderna is using mRNA technology to develop an HIV vaccine. Last week, the Phase I clinical trials for this very vaccine began. The company is conducting the trial in partnership with the nonprofit International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) Read More...

Man receiving a plaster from a medical professional after getting a vaccination.

New mRNA flu vaccine shows success in clinical trials

When the common cold returns each year, so does the rise in flu cases. For younger, healthy people, all this means is the sniffles and a day in bed, but as we get older or develop other health conditions, these seasonal diseases can have a more dramatic, sometimes deadly impact on our Read More...

mRNA vaccines show real promis

mRNA vaccines show real promise as targeted cancer therapy

We’re all familiar with mRNA vaccines for their lifesaving efficacy as Covid-19 vaccines, but at the University of Arizona Cancer Center, the vaccines are playing a different role. Rather than working as a preventative measure, they’re being used as a therapeutic measure for patients with Read More...

Moderna is using mRNA technolo

Moderna is using mRNA technology to develop an HIV vaccine

mRNA vaccine technology provided a breakthrough in the search for a covid-19 vaccine, and researchers are hopeful it could offer a solution for treating other diseases as well. Pharmaceutical company Moderna has announced plans to use this mRNA technique to attempt to create the first vaccine for Read More...

Why the use of mRNA in Covid-1

Why the use of mRNA in Covid-19 vaccines is exciting for science

If you hadn’t already heard, the world got some good news recently regarding the coronavirus after the interim results from Phase 3 clinical trials showed that two vaccine candidates were more than 90 percent effective. While these vaccines may provide a path towards a world that resembles Read More...