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Today’s Solutions: June 23, 2024

Young woman taking an afternoon nap on the couch

Taking an afternoon nap may make your brain healthier

If you love to indulge in a feel-good siesta, then we have good news for you: those afternoon moments of slumber might be benefiting your brain health. At least, those are the findings of a study that add to an increasing body of data showing a correlation between afternoon naps and improved mental Read More...

Man sleeping peacefully resting with eyes closed lying comfortable in bedroom.

How long to nap for depending on what you want out of your day

Waking up from a refreshing nap feels great. You’re no longer exhausted, have more energy and can focus on what you need to get done. The problem is that not every nap falls into this category. Sometimes our naps last too long, leaving us disoriented when we wake up and somehow even more tired Read More...

Science tell us naps can boost

Science tell us naps can boost your health, performance, and well-being

In America, daytime snoozing is still often viewed as lazy — a guilt-inducing indulgence. But scientific research shows that even a short early afternoon snooze can lead to better health, performance, and overall well-being.  Research has found that napping can reduce blood pressure and that Read More...

Kids who nap are happier and p

Kids who nap are happier and perform better at school

Sleep experts have long suggested that napping during the day can bring a lot of benefits for the average adult: from increasing alertness and boosting creativity to reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and brightening your mood. But now, researchers have also found strong evidence that Read More...

To nap, or not to nap? Here’

To nap, or not to nap? Here’s what the experts have to say

Everyone loves a good nap. There’s even an unofficial American holiday dedicated to naps (the Monday after Daylight Savings Time goes into effect is National Nap Day). Still, while a nap can feel really good, it can be hard to tell if they are actually good for you. Perhaps you may have Read More...