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Today’s Solutions: July 15, 2024

elderly Indigenous Bolivian amazonian woman

Remote Bolivian tribe has lowest dementia rates worldwide

A remote and unique indigenous population in the Bolivian Amazon called the Tsimane (pronounced chee-MAH-nay) sparked the interest of scientists when they were found to show almost no cases of age-related heart disease.  Since then, scientists have carried out various studies into the Tsimane Read More...

Research tells us that growing

Research tells us that growing old is a whole lot better when you have a pet

Suffering from feelings of loneliness and social isolation is a common phenomenon among people as they age. But new research shows that owning a pet as you grow old can have amazing benefits for both your mental and physical health. The study polled around 2,000 US adults aged 50 to 80. Fifty-five Read More...