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Today’s Solutions: July 15, 2024

Girl studying online from her laptop wearing headphones and writing in a notepad with a computer.

4 lessons the pandemic has taught us about online learning

As we reflect on the pandemic it’s easy to pick out the overwhelming negatives that we faced. One of these hardships was online schooling where millions took to their computers to learn digitally. Overnight, institutions had to scramble to keep education running, providing not just an online Read More...

Kids learning happily online

Cyberbullying decreased sharply during the pandemic

Despite what you might have thought, when many schools closed for remote learning during the Pandemic, parents, teachers, and students alike were relieved to find that cyberbullying actually decreased by a lot.  A new study from Boston University has found that cyberbullying fell by between 30 Read More...

Zimbabwean teacher’s Whatsap

Zimbabwean teacher’s Whatsapp academy gets students top marks

Maxwell Chimedza, or “Dr. Maxx” to his students, is a 27-year-old teacher and although he is considered "unqualified," his students earn grades that put them in the same league as students from Zimbabwe’s expensive and elite boarding schools. How does he manage to achieve such a feat? Read More...

How one school in California i

How one school in California is mastering online learning

Last week, The Optimist Daily took an in-depth look at how our education systems will be transformed post-coronavirus. Today, we are checking out The Anacapa School, a school in Southern California that is achieving high success rates with their approach to online learning.  At a time where Read More...

How COVID-19 could change the

How COVID-19 could change the future of higher education

It’s safe to say COVID-19 has radically changed most of our personal and professional lives. For many college students, shutdowns have provoked a change in learning style and an eviction from campus housing. We discussed some of the implications for college students in our View last weekend, but Read More...