Today’s Solutions: May 30, 2024

This tiny robot could help sur

This tiny robot could help surgeons with precise procedures

Drawing inspiration from Origami, researchers have created a surgical robot that is around the size of a tennis ball and weighs about the same as a penny. The tiny robot was built by engineers from Harvard’s Wyss Institute and Sony and was created to assist surgeons with procedures that require Read More...

KitKat’s new wrapper quits s

KitKat’s new wrapper quits single use plastic… and challenges your origami skills

Getting corporations to join the fight against single-use plastics often takes more than a desire to help the environment. It also takes economic and marketing incentives. Food and drink giant Nestlé seems to have found a strategy for reducing plastic use and increase sales: paper packaging that Read More...

How origami inspired designers

How origami inspired designers to create blinds that generate solar energy

If you’ve been following the Optimist Daily for the past couple years, you’ll know that many companies are trying to design windows that can harvest energy from sunlight. The problem is often these solar windows are inefficient and block sunlight from getting through, darkening rooms in the Read More...