Today’s Solutions: June 15, 2024

Unleashing the power of joy li

Unleashing the power of joy lists

In their quest to break away from life's monotony, many people have discovered the transforming concept of a pleasure list. The joy list is based on positive psychology principles, which promote happiness and emotional well-being.  According to licensed professional counselor Alyssa Scolari Read More...

Hand pointing at angry face tile because of toxic positivity.

Studies show for true satisfaction, embrace the negative side of life

Our world is obsessed with happiness, with self-help books and toxic positivity at every turn. While happiness feels great, the goal to strive towards it is unrealistic and leaves a sour taste in the mouth when it can’t be achieved. We’re commonly told “it’s all about our mindset” or we Read More...

Nature outdoes Freud

Nature outdoes Freud

Avoid therapy by taking a walk in the woods, says eco-psychologist and author Theodore Roszak Theodore Roszak | December 2004 issue From the beginning, Western psychologists looked on mental health strictly in the context of industrialized urban society: marriage, family, work, school, Read More...