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Today’s Solutions: July 17, 2024

Female scientist in a white lab coat inspecting cancer cells and their DNA in laboratory.

Researchers pinpoint the driver of metastasis

Metastasis is the process of cancer spreading through the body. It happens when cells break away from a tumor, traveling around the body to implant themselves in other areas. Unfortunately, this phenomenon renders chemotherapy and immunotherapy pretty ineffective. For decades, the exact mechanisms Read More...

Tiny camera held between the fingers of a scientist wearing blue gloves.

This cutting edge camera is the size of a grain of salt

Micro-cameras are used in virtually all industries. In the medical field, these tiny cameras have helped facilitate less invasive medical imaging practices and improved robotic surgical tools. Structures of molecules and neural pathways have been uncovered using this technology, although achieving Read More...

Princeton study lays out 5 pat

Princeton study lays out 5 pathways to a renewable America

We talk a lot about how the expansion of renewable energy will usher in the age of fossil fuel-free power, but where exactly do these expansions need to take place and why aren’t they already? Some areas, like Massachusetts and California, are embracing offshore wind, but many more will have to Read More...

Pufferfish-inspired water puri

Pufferfish-inspired water purifier aims to tackle water scarcity

According to the World Wildlife Fund, some 1.1 billion people around the world do not have access to safe drinking water. To address this issue, scientists from the University of Princeton have developed an affordable solar panel water purifier that’s inspired by the pufferfish’s ability to Read More...

Princeton study shows how the

Princeton study shows how the US can achieve carbon neutrality by 2050

If you’re feeling hopeless about whether the US will manage to reverse its environmental footprint in time to prevent catastrophic climate change, a new optimistic report from Princeton University is here to reassure you. Coming from researchers at Princeton University, the recently published Read More...