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Today’s Solutions: June 23, 2024

Virtual Reality Therapy

Virtual reality therapy helps those with agoraphobia

We’ve all spent a little too long inside before, especially with the pandemic restrictions of the last couple of years, and maybe we were a little nervous to rejoin public spaces. For those with agoraphobia — an anxiety disorder where someone can feel particularly fearful in public spaces — Read More...

Real family values

Real family values

How suppressed emotions cut us off from loved ones and ourselves. David Servan-Schreiber | Sept/Oct 2009 issue   Tom had a successful career... in the mafia. He'd been a millionaire, able to have any woman he wanted, and rubbed shoulders with influential people. Yet when he came to see me Read More...

“Laughter can set people fre

“Laughter can set people free”

Marco Visscher | August 2009 issue Ron Jenkins Photograph: Franziska Blattner Does laughter have a socio-political impact? "For ages, comedy has been used as a liberating tool for people, especially in oppressive regimes, to confront, ridicule and criticize the powerful." For example? "I Read More...