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Today’s Solutions: July 14, 2024

French roundabouts are underst

French roundabouts are understated hubs for public art

If you’ve ever driven through France, you’ve probably noticed the high number of roundabouts directing the flow of traffic. The Place Charles de Gaulle is the most famous French roundabout, but all across the country, communities are taking advantage of this unused space to create art Read More...

How museums are stepping up in

How museums are stepping up in the battle against coronavirus

Coronavirus may have stopped museums from opening the door to the public, but that hasn’t stopped museums from stepping up for the community and joining in the fight against coronavirus. Medical supplies such as gloves and masks are in urgent need, and it so happens that many galleries have these Read More...

What if wind farms doubled as

What if wind farms doubled as public art installations?

As absurd as it might sound, many wind energy projects have been denied over the years because people don’t want wind turbines to disrupt their view. To overcome this aesthetic opposition to wind farms, which is known as NIMBY (not in my backyard), the international design collective Prototype Read More...

10 US cities will transform st

10 US cities will transform streets into vibrant murals under new initiative

You can reclaim the streets from cars and give them back to the people, but if those streets still look like plain-old asphalt roads, then people won’t feel as inclined to spend time there. In a bid to make cities more vibrant and pedestrian-friendly, Bloomberg Philanthropies announced this week Read More...