Today’s Solutions: May 29, 2024

POC home owners

Congress aims to fix the appraisal industry and help POC owners

At The Optimist Daily, we’re excited by stories about narrowing the wealth gap, especially when it comes to the racial wealth gap. This is why we were happy to hear on Tuesday that the House of Representatives will be pushing legislation forward to address racial discrimination in the home Read More...

Band-Aid launches new bandages

Band-Aid launches new bandages for more diverse skin tones

Last month we shared a story about how Crayola is making their crayons more inclusive with a “Colors of the World” line. Now Band-Aid is launching a line of bandages in light and dark shades of black and brown to make its products more racially inclusive. The company announced the new Read More...

Crayola releases more diverse

Crayola releases more diverse “Colors of the World” crayon line

Racial bias is ingrained in many of our everyday products. Items ranging from band-aids to facial recognition software were not developed with the full range of the world’s racial diversity in mind. When Crayola Crayons first released their “flesh tint” in 1903, it only applied to a narrow Read More...