Today’s Solutions: May 22, 2024


Researchers identify three factors to help prevent mosquito-spread disease

With the variabled future of weather in an ever-changing climate, the prevalence of mosquitoes is expected to increase or at least become more unpredictable. This is expected to exacerbate the spread of certain diseases, like malaria and dengue fever. In places like Sri Lanka, this represents a top Read More...

Porous pavement could mitigate

Porous pavement could mitigate flooding and reduce water pollution

Devastating flooding has stretched from Germany to China to Nigeria this summer, and unfortunately, urban design exacerbates this flooding in highly populated areas as concrete and asphalt fail to absorb water as unpaved environments do. Adding more green space to urban areas is one solution to Read More...

Rain storms bring life back to

Rain storms bring life back to New South Wales after years of drought

Many regions of New South Wales have recorded more than 300mm of rain so far this year, surpassing rainfall totals of 2018 and 2019. After a year of devastating wildfires across Australia, the rain is bringing beautiful blooms and hopeful new growth to the area. Farmers in the region are Read More...